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Connect Around Water

We are building an inclusive community bonded by lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. As a quiet water outfitter, we equip people to get outdoors and feel confident and comfortable doing so.

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Fostering Community


From the beginning, we have been driven to foster a community that is engaged, patient, simple and respectful.



We believe it's important to Wade On In and Get Your Feet Wet. We want to engage with our environment without leaving a trace.



Like the great blue heron, we emphasize patience. Wading and paddling is quiet, observant, and deliberate. We consider our activities as wading sports.



Whether we are selecting gear or planning an activity, we value simplicity. We are self-sufficient and enjoy our activities with minimal gear.

Great_Blue_Heron_Foot Prints


We are respectful to our environment, the animals we pursue, and each other. We believe in being generous, inclusive, courteous, and kind.

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