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GBH Canoe and Kayak Rental Program

Stop by the shop to reserve your GBH canoe or Oru kayak today! You may also add life jackets or paddles to your reservation.

Pick Up & Pricing

Pick Up & Pricing

Pick up Oru folding kayaks at the shop (823 Mass): 

Oru folding kayaks

Daily pricing:

Pick up after 8 am (10 am Sundays) and return by 10 am the next day.  After 10 am, it is considered a second day.

Paddles are available for rent for $5 each, PFDs are available free of charge. 


Pick up at the North Annex (612 N 2nd):


Daily pricing:  Kayak $50;  Canoe $75    

Pick up after 8 am (10 am Sundays) and return by 10 am the next day.  After 10 am, it is considered a second day.

Life jackets and paddles will be provided. 

      *These are full size boats weighing 50 - 100 pounds. You are responsible for loading and hauling the boat.* 



Schedule a group event!

We'll deliver and pick up boats for a group on scheduled day(s).  Price determined based on number of people, location and boats used.  

We sponsor weekly trips. Learn more about those trips here!




  • You must use a life jacket at all times while in the boat.  If you will provide your own life jacket, please bring it with you when you pick up the boat. Life jackets can be rented for $5 dollars per day.  

  • Paddles can be rented for $5 per day.

  • You will need to give us your name, phone number and address and sign a release form.  Payment due at time pick/before start of trip.

  • If you pick up the canoe or kayak, you can take them anywhere in Kansas, Missouri, or Arkansas, but be sure you have any needed permits, especially for community lakes.  


**Rental is subject to availability, and reservations are required at least one day in advance.**

**Must be 18+ to rent**

Group Events

Other Important Details

To reserve an Oru folding kayak, please call the store!

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