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The 7 Hiking Safety Tips

Check the Weather

Make sure you are looking at the weather the days prior to your hike. Bring caught in the rain can be really frustrating, but it can also be dangerous depending on the storm.

Hike in groups

If you can, bring a buddy with you. Hiking alone might be peaceful, but getting lost on your own is sure not. If you don’t have someone who can go with you, make sure you share your plans with someone and they know where you’re hiking and when you expect to be back. This way, someone is still on the lookout for you.

Account for Time

Make sure you know how long your hike will take and how many hours of light are left in the day! Someone getting caught in the dark is a huge issue, make sure it isn’t you.


Wear your SPF! Even if the sky is overcast, and it’s the middle of the winter, sunburns and heat illness can still get you. It is best to wear at least 30 SPF daily, but especially if you are going to be outside.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Day hikes overnight hikes alike could bring on a range of injuries. From a simple bug bite to a cut, it is important to be prepared incase someone gets hurt. Stop into the shop to buy a First Aid kit, or find a list to build your own.

Wear Proper Gear

Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the weather and bring layers! The weather at the beginning of the day won’t always match the end of the day, so bring layers and be prepared to put them on or take them off. Having good quality closed toe shoes and wool or synthetics that get rid of moisture is important! Make here you are doing what you can to keep yourself comfortable and safe during your hike!

Stay Hydrated

DRINK WATER! Always drink water, but especially before, during and after a hike. No matter the season or time of day, keep plenty of water with you at all times. Dehydration is a beast, so avoid it by continually drinking water.


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