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Weekly GBH Paddling Trips



Saturdays (TBD) starting at 10am. Ending between 1 and 4pm depending on trip and local conditions. 


3 different trips:

  • Lawrence Eighth Street ramp to Eudora** 

  • Lecompton to Lawrence Riverfront Park 
  • ​Eudora to Desoto 

Rotating trips each Saturday 

  • July dates above 

  • August and September schedules to be released 

- Each of these trips is roughly 10 miles. -

What About Boats, etc?

We will offer rental canoes and kayaks. We provide rental boats at the beginning and pick them up at the end. Learn more about the rental process here.

Canoes require at least two people. Each needs to sign up separately, but indicate that they are part of a pair. We won't pair up people who don't know each other in a canoe.  Additional passengers may ride in the canoe at no extra charge, but we need to know at the time of sign up to conform PFD availability and proper release documentation. 

We do not transport people, and you will need to make arrangements to get to the starting point and get picked up at the end. 

If you have your own boat (and will take care of hauling it) you can join us on the trip for a small fee ($10). 

Possible Trip Changes

We will watch weather and water conditions. If it is necessary to postpone, we will notify participants on Friday. It is possible, but not likely, that we would shift a trip to one of the other two sections of the river. 

Note that the trip to Eudora requires paddling upstream on the Wakarusa - increased flow out of the Clinton reservoir would make this impractical (**)

We do reserve the ability to postpone a trip if we don't get a minimum number of rentals for the trip. 

Keep an eye on water elevation levels!

Kansas River:  

Wakarusa River:

Booking and Paperwork

Sign up (and pay) for a trip on our events page

If a trip gets postponed, we will give you a refund or we will apply the credit to a future trip. 

Other Details 

Canoes are $100 (charged $50 per person) and kayaks are $75. PFDs and paddles are provided - but if you have a more comfortable PFD or a paddle you like, feel free to bring it along!

We hope to see you soon!

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